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04 October 2012 @ 09:27 pm
Every time I try to keep this up, i manage to make excuses not to. Its ridiculous and Im too damn lazy and horrible at correspondence and phone calls and being a friend and UGH

My landlord is holding an auction for the property next Thursday. I may or may not have a place to live in a week. Which is... less than awesome and the cause of much emotional instability.  I almost broke down at work on Tuesday when I realized how close the auction was and had to call my mom, crying in the Inventory Room, pretending to count drugs.

Work is.... work. We lost Krista to mom-hood and Rochester a couple months ago and I then spent what felt like (and still does) every waking moment at work. Ive become the person working every damn saturday to the point that I can no longer figure out what day it is anymore. And im constantly exhausted. always. I have to fight falling asleep at 7 on the couch after stuffing anything remotely edible in my mouth for dinner. We just got a new girl though and she fits in remarkably well with our ridiculous personalities, which is nice. Other than that, I feel like this profession has turned me jaded and disillusioned with humanity and I just cant stand it sometimes. I shouldnt feel the urge to hole myself away in stacks of books and work in a very quiet library where no one will bother me ever and all i'll need to do is acquire more cats and wear patterned sweaters and yell at kids to get off my lawn. I'm just so tired of it all.

I found out ive been able to have 2wks vacation for like, the past 3 years, so Im taking a few of my remaining paid days off this year (use them or loose them by the end of December) to run away to Buffalo for a couple of days the weekend of the 13th and just.... i dont even know. Moms having shit go down with work... the building theyre in sold and now they have to move the business.... at some point in the Very Near Future that they dont know yet.... so maybe we'll just commiserate and ill help move things and we'll eat too much junk food.

In other ridiculous news: Nathan turns 16 in about 2 months.
Scribit Sporkig
17 June 2012 @ 11:55 am
Me oh my, it's been a crazy couple of weeks!  There was all the crazy last minute prep for Brandy and Tylers wedding, actually driving out there (ending up at a border patrol road block. awesome. their first question? "whos dress is that?"  Jonathan almost said it was his), then dealing with Super Stressed Brandy who INSISTED that she wasnt stressed and god forbid you mention breathing to her! We were up til like, 1am the night before her wedding getting last minute things done. The wedding was lovely though! It was beautiful out and the location was a-maz-ing (it was someones yard! it was insanely gorgeous. and all they wanted for the use of it? a picture of the wedding party on the bridge. no money. they were awesome).

Then we came home and i worked a day and then had Brandy and Tyler here so i could drive them to the airport. Oh man. We went to bed at like, 11, got up at 2 and were on our way by 3:30.... i got home around 6 something, let the dog out (im dog sitting for the week), went to work and was a walking zombie all. day.  Dr Meixell said i looked discombobulated which I think was the understatement of the century. I was pretty much kicked home after half a day and was ridiculously grateful.

So now i'm temporarily a dog owner. Which makes me realize how much of a cat person i am!  Granted, Sahara is pretty much a 3rd cat. Hell, both my cats are bigger than her!  But yea, that whole taking them out all the time thing blows. At least she's a super adorable and well behaved dog.... she went to work with me on Friday and got ALL the attention. Our mailman apparently carries dog treats with him and gave her one, clients were interacting with her more than us!

Now I just have to make it through this week.... I have to pick up brandy and tyler from the airport monday night and then remember that i switched days off this week.....  Because Matty has his very first baseball game Under The Lights on friday night and i promised him i'd be there. 

whoops, i forgot i have to hem a few shirts for the boss lady..... right. motivation. GO.
Scribit Sporkig
26 May 2012 @ 06:24 pm
We've hit the time of year at work where everyone keeps going on vacation, leaving us in a state of being perpetually short staffed.... which when we're ALREADY perpetually short staffed, is an awesome time of year. Mind, i will have no problems actually leaving and letting everyone else deal with one less tech ;)  Ive got places to go, Angela's to see!

Also, my allergies have chosen this year to develop some awesome new tricks... like being allergic to dogs and starting their allergy attack plan in my throat of all places. It makes work AWESOME when i forget to take zyrtec in the morning... which is pretty much always because i cant remember things like that for shit.

Its lovely out, I should be out there.... but i have a sun spot on the couch and the windows are open and that counts, right?

I found the most glorious used book store today and it made me miss my Sporkigs so much!  Its an old red barn packed with lopsided shelves that are overflowing so much with books that there are piles on the floor you have to navigate around! It called Phoenix Books and the barn has the word "BOOKS" painted in HUGE white letters on the side. I could have spent all day there and spend like, my entire next paycheck. Alas.  Instead, i hit up the Simplicity patterns at JoAnns because why pay $18 for one pattern when you can get 5 for $5?! 

I wish i had more to write about on here, but man my life has been so dull lately. i get up, go to work, have things try and eat me, come home...

Ooh, i did go out to Syracuse last weekend for Brandys bachelorette party.... man i am so not the go out partying type, but we had fun! I rode a mechanical bull and suprised everyone by actually being good at it! And I ate dinosaur bbq for the first time and my mouth practically died and went to heaven. And now Brandys wedding is in 2 weeks and i feel like i have ridonculous amounts of things i need to still get done! write my speech. That should probably get done, and soon, or else I'll end up standing there yelling "YAY LOVE" and then sitting back down.

I need more coffee.
Scribit Sporkig
14 May 2012 @ 05:40 pm
How is it I always forget how delicious grilled cheese is?

Id have more to say, but I'm running on 2hrs of sleep, a large latte and a slow day at work.

Im going to go pass out now until im more coherent.
Scribit Sporkig
05 May 2012 @ 11:26 pm
Trying to get a new car sucks. Had a minor panic attack in the dealership, which was awesome. And then i spent the rest of the afternoon listening to my budget laughing at me. Yay. Conclusion: no car yet. waiting for minor miracle.

At least I got to go see The Avengers, which was AWESOME. I got to meet up with the boys (I was the only girl in our little family group) and pig out on movie theater popcorn which will make any night better in my book. Add in the fact that my popcorn was free (because who knew the regal crown card actually did things?! I should have been using this the whole time ive had it!) and you get a spirits lifted Scribit.

And now i will take advantage of having actual cable at moms and watch trash TV for the night. because i can.
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Scribit Sporkig
03 May 2012 @ 07:38 pm
*peaks out*


I was just attacked by a batillion of giant flying ants. Im totally not exaggerating there either, they were HUGE. and they could FLY. and they were congregating at my windows and hiding in my curtains and oh my goodness there was no end!

I feel like theyre crawling all over me.

I sprayed RAID outside around all the windows.... and then i freaked at the amount of them and sprayed the tops of the inside of my windows. I think i just poisoned us all. I had to vacuum them up as they died and tried to fly to safety while having deathy siezures. It was horrifying. And now everything smells like RAID and me and the kitties may not wake up in the morning. Im afraid to open my windows for ventilation for fear of a second wave attack.

Every tickle i feel, i think is an ant. This cant be healthy.

I think i need to go spike my soda now.

In other news..... im exhausted, work is wearing me out, Im probably getting a new car this weekend, and is it july yet?
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Scribit Sporkig
16 September 2011 @ 11:00 pm
So, as you all know, i got hit in the flood last week... It could have been a lot worse, but i still lost a lot.

Its been a rough week full of stress and clean up and landlords not doing what they should. SO that brings me to my  subject....

Im moving!  Tomorrow!  I looked at an apartment the week before the flood and had been waiting to hear about it when the water came (and filled my living room, took my couch and many books, and trickled in to my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom). I heard back from the new place the sunday after the flood, right when good news was much needed (as my landlords had only just ripped out my carpet and realize dthere was plywood underneath and said they would not be replacing the soaked and soon to be rotting sheetrock). After many days of back and forth, i have a move in date!

The new place is only a few minutes from work (instead of 20) and used to be an old one room schoolhouse! Its not a one bedroom, has hardwood floors, pressed tile ceilings and the origional blackboard and handwriting chart! Im so excited! There will be more room for me and the kitties!   granted, im next to an old cemetary.... but hopefully not in a creepy way! :)

SO. the new address is:

1298 Trumansburg Rd
Ithaca, Ny 14850

I'll probably be MIA online for a few days while i get everything set up and such! But ill be back as soon as i can with pictures!

I'll facebook inform people soon.... i just have to deal with current landlords first... things are a little complicated with them right now and their complete lack of competence when Big Things happen....
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Scribit Sporkig
Sometimes it just seems easier to stay in my apartment with my books and promote my eventual Crazy Cat Lady status.

The longer i keep from writing on here, the harder it is... and not because there's too much to write about, because it makes me realize how little I do in life thats actually notable. Its like when i talk to family and they ask whats new... nothing. I get up, i go to work, i come home. wheeeeeee.

I go out for coffee on the weekends just so people see I actually exist and that im not just someones figment of their imagination.

Weekends give me too much time to sit and think.
Scribit Sporkig
15 April 2011 @ 03:40 pm

...things break.

Like my cat. Again.

So, when i was going through the whole toilet being broken for 11 days, Karat started limping. He went into work, we watched him walk, did an exam (he got angry) and based off of his  active lifestyle and the exam i was able to do on him at home where hes not normally angry, he was sent home on an anti-inflammatory/pain med for a couple of days assuming he had a soft tissue injury. Well.... he continied to limp. But he always "warmed out of it", meaning that as he moved more, it seemed to decrease in its severity.

Cut to: this past tuesday. About a month after the innitial limping, hes still hobbling around. He went into work for some xrays and a good ortho exam under some light sedation thinking maybe he ruptured his crucite ligament or maybe hip displasia. WELL. when it finally developed, there, plain as day on the xray.... a fracture! My cat managed to fracture his femoral head at the growth plate! WTF!  Dr Barnes had never seen this in a cat before so we did some research to make sure it wasnt a sign of something more to come (like cancer) and it turns out theres actually a rather interesting correlation between young male neutered cats that are larger breeds, like main coon, and their growth plates taking longer to come to maturity. We also found that this usually happens without prompting, one minute theyre fine, the next theyre hobbling across the room.... which is EXACTLY what happened with Karat. Poor guys ben walking around for weeks with a broken leg because we had no reason to expect one!

Anywho... this means he needs another surgery. Hes going in on tuesday for an FHO (femoral head osteotomy) where Dr Barnes will go in, remove the head of the femur (the part thats fractured) and clean the joint to stop the bone grinding.  The good news is that for this kind of surgery, the femur and hip heal in a way that creates a false joint via scar tissue and such, so he'll have a full recoveryand be able to use his leg like normal with no limp once again..... he'll just be missing some bone. (the reason w cnt just let it heal is because theres no way to stabalize that joint so that the bones can fuse again.... also, his femur below the fracture is already trying to heal itself and detatch more from the head of the bone).  Man, leave it to my cat to get the rare bone breakage *shakes head*

And on top of all that.... ive seemed to sprain or strain or something my wrist. I got a little twisted up in a dogs collar in my last appointment monday (hyper dog, owner who would let go of the leash crowding me = i didnt have enough room to do my job so when the dog moved, my restraint waasnt what it should have been and i got tangled). And ever since then my wrist has been achy with intervals of sharp pains. So ive been keeping it wrapped... vetwrap makes a great ace bandage when you dont have one at work... at its fun colors!  But so far, its not gotten much better :/

At least its the weekend?

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Scribit Sporkig
05 April 2011 @ 09:06 pm
*dusts off hands*  Well then. I have 2 freshly written and enveloped checks all set to mail out in the morning.... and they effectively pay off all college debt.  Suprisingly, i almost dont know how to feel... elated, overwhelmed?  My grandma had set up a college savings (not really a savings... a something or other that makes money) when i was teeny tiny apparently (i didnt find out til i was out of college) and i was content to let it sit there gathering dust and making more money but due to unforseen car issues and the fact that the interest was killing me on the loans..... i closed the account last week. The big ole check went in the bank yesterday and right back out today.  I kind of hate that its not "my" money im using for it... is that weird? It makes me feel too Orchard Park doing it this way, like it was the easy way out. I started college with the (assumed) knowledge that paying for my education was completly my responsibility and that i'd be working to pay that off for a while... and now after 3 years, its suddenlt taken care of. I kind of feel like i cheated. But it IS rather lovely to not have that haning over my head.  I'm going to continue to "make payments" of what i would normally be paying to my loans, but i'll be putting it into my savings account each month, effectively saving up for car payments once those are needed.

On a happy other note:  

I got a raise at work!!! YAY!  I was talking to Jamie last week about my savings plans for getting a car and she put the idea in my head... Ive taken on inventory completely at work as well as as a tooon more responsibilities. So i sucked it up last week and asked Dr Meixell for a raise (and we were both pretty impressed i actually did it!). So today after talking with Jamie she said its a go! And next month Jamie is going to "evaluate" me and if inventory is going smooth i get another little bump up :D  So that definatly made my day. yaaaay taking a leap and doing something out of my comfort level and getting rewarded for it!

Also, i have new drapes. They make me happy. And a new bookshelf on its way, which makes me AND my homeless books happy.
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